How to apply nail polish like a pro

9 04 2010

Polishing Steps

Wipe the side that you won’t be using against the neck of the bottle.
Don’t wipe off any from the other side. Hold the brush so that it points straight down allowing a small ball of polish to form. Immediately turn the brush horizontal before it drips, then lay the ball of polish in the center, just under the cuticle zone, like shown above.

Push the excess lacquer toward the cuticle, getting as close as you can with out touching the skin, then stroke down.
This makes for a nice line at the cuticle and ensures polish free skin.
Some brands are very runny so point the nail down a little while applying to let gravity help keep the cuticle from getting flooded.

If your nail polish is in great shape you can go directly to the first nail you began with and put on a layer of top coat. Otherwise with thin or goopy polish it would better to wait a minute. Apply with a large “ball” of top coat on the bristles just like the polish method making sure to brush lightly so you don’t brush through the polish, you need to lay it over.

Or you also can try this method by Faintlymacabre :

Happy experimenting & trying šŸ™‚




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